How to become a handbag designer

Do you dream of becoming a handbag designer? There aren’t many schools where you can specifically study handbag design. Instead, it is usually part of a wider subject, such as fashion design. Luckily many universities and other design schools do offer fashion design programs where they teach you about handbag design. Another great way of becoming a handbag designer is to teach yourself! You do not necessarily need a fancy degree to start designing bags. If you have design ideas for handbags and perhaps other accessories, start by learning the basic principles.

How to become a handbag designer

Designing and prototyping a handbag is an exciting process but in order to do this, you need to have a basic understanding of how bags are constructed. Our handbag making courses and many others that you can find online are perfect for this. Once you have made a few handbags guided by someone else, you will have the essential knowledge to start designing your own handbags. You can create an online presence on social media and you can set up your own online shop, for instance on Etsy, and start selling the handbags that you designed. To start building your own brand, you could send out bags to social media influencers or even other celebrities in your country. It will require perseverance, patience and hard work to build a name for yourself but in today’s world you don’t need to spend years and lots of money on a design degree to build a fashion brand.

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