Leather tools

If you are new to working with leather and do not want to spend a fortune on expensive leather craft tools, then don't. It's as simple as that! Of course, there are some pretty good quality ones out there but these leather tools also carry a hefty price tag. When I started out, I bought cheap tools from websites like Amazon and Ebay and they do the job well. Overtime, I have invested in better quality leather craft tools but some of the tools I use are still the same not-so-expensive ones!

I get it - it seems like you need a huge amount of tools to get started in bag making. Well, I've listed below the bare minimum of tools that I recommend you start with if you don't want to go all in from the get-go. These tools are sufficient for you to take one of our beginners' courses. You will get a more comprehensive tool list with each course as well as a more general leather tool list with the names and photos of each tool to make it easy for you when you go out shopping.


Box cutter

Cutting mat

Glue (water-based, e.g. Renia Aquilim 315 + rubber cement, e.g. Renia Colle de Cologne or Barge)


4mm pricking irons

Rivet setter (only required if using rivets)

Rotary punch

Rubber or nylon mallet


Steel ruler

2x blunt-tip needles

Waxed polyester thread

I also highly recommend getting the following in order to finish the leather edges of your work:

Edge beveller

Edge slicker

Gum Tragacanth and/or Tokonole 

Sanding block or sand paper

Tools that are useful but not a necessity when starting out:

Wing divider

Leather wax/protector

Cork cutting board (e.g. a cork trivet!)

Strap cutter

Plastic clips