How to make a leather bucket bag

Everyone loves a classic bucket bag, here's how you can make one yourself!

One of our all time favourite handbags is the bucket bag. It is a classic shape that never goes out of fashion. All of the designer brands will have at least one bucket bag in their repertoire if not more. Everyone loves them! You can easily make your own and customise so that it looks like you and is true to your style. Our mini bucket bag course is for complete beginners so you don’t need any experience in making handbags or in leather craft. The small size bucket bag is perfect when you are out & about and want to bring just your wallet, mobile phone, keys, sunglasses, and lip gloss for instance. It also makes a great evening bag, especially if you add a chain strap.

Mini Bucket bag

To make a bucket bag using leather, we recommend vegetable tanned leather as it is high quality and you will be able to finish the edges to a professional standard and it will last you a very long time. The edges on chrome tanned leather cannot be finished the same way and would have to be painted. The downside to this is that the edge paint will start cracking overtime, resulting in a shabby looking handbag.


You will need a pattern to make the bag which you will get with our online tutorial. Print it out and tape it on the grain side of the leather, i.e. the nicer, finished side. You will need to mark all of the stitching holes on the leather through the pattern and also the position of the holes at the front and back. These holes are for the drawstring.


Next up, you will need to cut out the bag from the leather. For this, use a box cutter or other knife and a steel ruler. Once you have the bucket bag pieces cut out, it’s necessary to make the holes for the drawstring before you construct the bag as you can lay it flat on a cutting mat. You should also finish the edges before you start stitching.

Once all of the so called necessary prep work is down, you can start stitching the bag. This is the exciting part as you will see how the bucket bag starts getting its shape! This is the most satisfying part of bag making for sure! You’ll need to saddle stitch the bottom first and the sides last. And that is how you make a bucket bag in a nutshell! Sign up to our online course and learn to make your own. We would love to see how you get on so please do share photos and we’ll be sure to share them on our social media!

Blue Bucket Bag