Frequently asked questions

Are the online courses suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our handbag & accessory making courses are mostly aimed at total beginners, however our classes are also suitable to those with some experience in either bag making or working with leather.

What's included in the cost?

When you purchase a course or several courses, you get an instant download link where you can download all the course material. Each course comes with downloadable patterns, a detailed handbook, introduction to different types of leather as well as leather craft tools. You will get a suppliers list to get you started, although we also recommend looking for suppliers that are local to you. Each course comes with a step-by-step 'How To Make' video that shows you how the item is made from beginning to end. Depending on your internet speed, it might take a moment for the download to complete due to the size of the video file. Contact us if you have any problems with the downloads.

The course material comes in a zipped folder so you will need appropriate software to unzip the files (usually such software is on your computer as a default but there are free ones that you can also download online in order to unzip such as WinRAR).

Is it easy to make bags at home?

Absolutely. You need leather and some basic tools to get started. All of our patterns come in A4 so that they are home-printer-friendly.

What is the average cost of getting started?

Leather crafting requires some specialist tools. You can buy very good leather tool kits on websites like Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress but some items, such as the leather glues, you might need to look for in specialist shops. Expect to pay around £100-200 for the tools (depending on whether you go for inexpensive or expensive tools). This may seem like a lot but the tools will last you a long time so it is an initial investment. Also, start small and go for just the basics. You can always add to your collection later. In terms of leather, buying a whole hide will usually cost in the region of £200, however some suppliers will sell smaller cuts and the cost will be less. The average cost of leather on a satchel or crossbody bag would be less than £20 if you calculate the square footage of leather required for the bag. The average total cost of making such a bag would be less than £30 (including leather + hardware, excluding the cost of the tools).

Am I allowed to sell the bags I made using your patterns?

Yes, you can sell handbags and accessories made using our patterns, however you cannot sell or distribute the patterns to anyone, or share the videos or other course material.

What are the most important tools to have?

If you are on a tight budget and can only go for a few select tools, then we'd recommend on the below. You can buy tool kits on Amazon that have all or most of the basics. Awl Box cutter Cutting mat Glue (water-based) Lighter 4mm pricking irons Rotary punch Rubber mallet Scissors Steel ruler 2x blunt-tip needles Waxed polyester thread Also, if you want to finish the edges of your leather, you would need an edge beveller, an edge slicker and a sanding block/paper.

How do the discounts work?

If you purchase all nine 'How To Make' courses (3x handbag making, 3x accessory making and 3x wallet making courses) you will save £135 with the code 'Masterclass'. If you purchase all three handbag making courses (How to make a Satchel / Bucket Bag / Crossbody Bag), you will save £50 with the code 'Handbags'. If you purchase any three of the wallet or accessory making courses, you will save £25. You have to apply the code at check out before completing the purchase (in the 'enter a promo code' field. You will then get the download links for the courses you purchased.