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Our mission at The Handbag Atelier is to teach you how to make your own leather handbags. What is cooler than coming up with your own unique designs and standing out from the crowd and wearing something that no one else in the world will? Or how about knowing how to make classic shapes and styles, like the iconic satchel or the much-loved bucket bag? Or do you fancy a designer bag but can’t quite justify the price tag? Why not make your own version of it yourself! There is something very satisfying about wearing something that you have made with your very own hands. In addition to that, in a world of fast fashion, we quite like the idea of knowing where our clothes & accessories come from and who made them and what better way than to make them yourself. What's also awesome about making your own bags is that you can use leftover leather that would otherwise be thrown away, doing your bit to reduce waste.

We have a selection of short-courses that will teach you all the essential skills that are needed to continue making your own handbags at home. We will also show all the necessary tools that you should purchase (that don't break the bank!) and will get you going on your bag making journey. At the moment we use genuine vegetable tanned leather in our courses, however we have vegan bag making courses coming soon too so watch this space! 

There are usually 4 to 6 students per course. All materials and tools are included in the course price and coffee & tea is available.


Meet your teacher

My name is Sonja and I founded The Handbag Atelier because I wanted to share my skills with you. I get immense joy when I create something for myself with my own hands and I want others to feel that joy too. I am completely self-taught in bag making and I started off by making things for myself and for friends & family. When I'm not making bags, you'll usually find me in a coffee shop drinking coffee and drawings patterns on my laptop! I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!

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