10 reasons to make your own handbags

We're all about making things by hand!

These days you can buy lots of different types of handbags that vary in price from cheap to expensive. You can find bags made of all sorts of materials from genuine leather to faux leather, PVC, canvas and other fabrics. Most of the handbags we see in fashion stores are, however, mass-produced. This means that the same item is produced in large quantities in a factory and an assembly line. This allows companies to keep prices very low. Unfortunately, cheap bags usually do not last long and because there is no way to recycle them, they end up in landfills. Also, how many times have you bumped into someone wearing the same handbag as you? It always feels a little awkward seeing someone wear the same stuff as you but it’s no wonder since the item was mass-produced in the first place, so chances are you will indeed come across someone wearing the same bag!


This brings me to the topic of this article; making your own handbags. There is truly a case to be made for making your own bags, whether it is from leather or another material of your choice. Here we list the top ten reasons to start learning the delightful skill of bag making:

1. You’ll never bump into someone wearing the same bag. What better way to have a totally unique style than wearing a bag that no one else in the world will?


2. If you use good quality materials, the bag will last you a long time and you’ll spend less as you won’t have to keep on buying new handbags every season.

3. A handmade bag won’t go out of fashion. What you find in stores is fast-fashion products that change on a weekly basis, forcing you to think that what you have is no longer in style. Don't buy into it. It creates so much waste and is just a marketing trick to make you consume more. If you make your own bags in classic styles or in a style that is true to you, you won’t get bored of them.


4. Imagination is your limit. Can’t find what you want in stores? If you make your own bags, you can make them look the way you want and don’t have to be confined to what is being sold in the shops.

5. Having a unique skill. How many people do you know make their own handbags? I’m guessing it’s not many. Bag making is a unique talent that not a lot of people possess. Impress others by making your own bags!

6. Handmade bags make priceless gifts. If you are looking for truly unique gifts to give to friends and family, a handmade bag is certainly it. You can even personalise a handbag by stamping initials or words to it (e.g. if using leather).

7. You get a sense of pride. Imagine a scenario where someone stops you on the street to compliment your handbag or to ask where you bought it from. Wouldn’t it feel all kinds of special to say that you made it yourself?

8. You want to take better care of a handbag you made yourself. If I’ve ever bought a cheap handbag, I rarely take good care of it apart from when it’s still relatively new. After that, I can easily throw it on the floor and more often than not, it ends up at the bottom of my closet, all crumpled up when I’ve already moved on a new bag. After I started making my own handbags, especially as I use good quality leather, I have wanted to take better care of my bags to ensure they last me a lifetime. I regularly clean them and apply a leather protector cream, and I also store them neatly on a shelf in my wardrobe.

9. You learn that you’re more creative than you think. Once you learn the basic skills of bag making, you can get creative and try different things. You’ll be surprised with all the ideas that come to you. They don’t have to be crazy ideas but simple things, like adding a bow here or a button there – to suit your taste!

10. Learning makes us happier. Studies show that people who engage in learning a new skill or activity are generally happier! If that’s not reason enough to take on handbag making, I don’t know what is!