Our bag & accessory courses are perfect for beginners and do not require any prior experience in handbag making or leather craft.

Why a handbag making course?

Do you have design ideas but don't know where to start? Do you struggle to find the exact handbags you like in stores? Or is there a bag you like but can't quite afford the price tag? If you answered yes to any of the above or if you just fancy learning a new craft, then we would love to see you in one of our handbag making courses for beginners. On our short-courses you will learn how to make your own leather handbags and will be equipped with the essential skills & knowledge needed to continue the craft at home. Trust us, you'll never want to buy another bag again! 

Our classes are suitable for beginners and for more experienced crafters alike. We use vegetable tanned leather in our handbag courses and we will teach you the essential skills to work with it so that you can start making your handbag dreams a reality. Say goodbye to bumping into someone wearing the exact same bag as you and to mass-produced high street brands!

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